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As I enter the next chapter of my life, I began to think about all of the things I have accomplished. Most of the things I wanted to do by the age of 30 have been done – travel, marry the man of dreams, buy a house, start a family, advance in my career, etc. Whoo! That is not a very long list but it was a lot of work. Now I need to look at the things I want to accomplish before I kick the bucket.

1. Visit South Africa including a safari
2. Pet a dog (major fear of dogs)
3. Buy a small house on an island
4. Drive across the country from the east coast to the west coast


13 thoughts on “Noticings

  1. I can help you out with Number 2 for sure:)
    I love that you are dreaming big for your Bucket List (Safari! Island Home!)
    If anyone can do all those things, it’s you! I can’t wait to read more slices- this is going to be a great month (and beyond!)

  2. Hey, hey, hey! You’re here! I want to be there when you pet the dog – for sure! I also hope that you don’t buy that house on the island for at least another 20 years, please!

  3. I can give you places to visit on that drive. My family has been all over, from Maine to Florida to Seattle and the Redwoods. I was also thinking of making a list like this one. Thank you for the inspiration!!!

  4. Welcome to slicing! That’s no small list you’ve already accomplished. I may have to steal this for a slice. Bucket list- haven’t thought much on it. Hmmm…

  5. I can help with number 2 also…although Chloe is still a bit rambunctious, so maybe that wouldn’t be a good idea. She thinks EVERYONE loves her and wants her hugs and kisses. Your bucket list is so fun…and doable. Glad you are joining the slicing community. We’re in for a fun month

  6. Wow!! You are a pretty impressive lady… vote says you will accomplish whatever goals you set out to do. In the mean time, I have a nice (huge) gentle dog if you would like to start with that one. I’ll provide the wine:-) So happy you are here!!

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