We are taught to read the plan. We should know it from cover to cover.

We are taught to practice the plan. Listen for the announcement. Watch for your administrator.

We are taught to remain calm. Read a book to the students. Move them away from the door.

We are taught to watch for suspicious people. Look for odd behaviors, unfamiliar faces.

We are taught to try to keep the activities as normal as possible. We ask our students, “Who remembers what we learned yesterday?”

We are taught all these procedures to try to keep our students calm, our nerves at bay, and the worry lines from our eyes.

When are we taught to tell the outsiders not to jeopardize our sanity?

Just because your day is not going the way you want it to go, does not mean you have the right to change the course of my happy day, my students’ happy day!

Let’s stop and think before we speak! Words can hurt in more ways than one.


6 thoughts on “Think!

  1. Your story is so very true. I couldn’t have agreed with you more!! awesome use of words and it made me feel like I was in your shoes. Hopefully people will stop to think when they read this and realize what their words really mean to people. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I think the rhythm of your words and sentence structure lent a normalcy to the beginning of this piece that makes the point of your last three paragraphs stand out even more – in both structure and message!

  3. “Let’s stop and think before we speak! Words can hurt in more ways than one.” This reminded me of my dad, stopping me mid-sentence, to say “Think before you speak.” So true. I think I learned the lesson, at least I try to think first. What an awesome slice!!

  4. I like the way your piece changed directions. I thought you were going to continue with what you were taught, and then switch to how it actually happened. Great slice!

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