40 Days and 40 Nights

Every Lenten season, I give things up I feel I really enjoy. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • chocolate – I love milk chocolate especially chocolates filled with caramel.
  • soda pop – An ice cold Pepsi can quench my thirst.
  • Starbucks – I need my morning fix daily.
  • swearing – I believed I learned this in my education classes while in college (LOL!). As educators we swear like sailors.
  • shopping – No credit card use for 40 days. You can imagine how many deals I missed during that time frame.

This year I decided to go with the swearing again. It seemed like that was a bit challenging for me to let go. Maybe during this Lenten season I can work on using more positive, appropriate words.

As I was having this conversation with my husband, I was trying to enjoy my favorite “beverage.” After a long, tiring day at school, I try to unwind. Sometimes it is running on the treadmill, playing Candy Crush, talking on the phone, texting, reading posts on Facebook, watching a comedy show on television, etc. But there are times when I just want to enjoy a nice glass of my favorite beverage – not often but every now and then.

Well, my youngest child, Sydney, is always watching my every move. So she sees me pouring my beverage in my glass and she politely informed me that I should not do that.

“Huh?!” I said.

“Mom, you really shouldn’t drink that.” Sydney politely responded to me.

I asked, “What do you mean? What are you talking about?”

“You shouldn’t drink that because when I grow up and I start drinking that stuff people are going to ask where I learned that from. I am going to tell them you. Then they are going to say that you are a bad mom.”

“REALLY!!” I yelled. Now I’m irritated because I feel guilty. I know I am not a bad mom because I always have her eyes watching me.

“Who will ask you that question?”

“People!” she said with attitude – major attitude, head going from side to side.

Now everyone in the house is listening and watching this convo. My husband, who was cooking, stopped prepping the dinner to listen. My oldest child, who never pays attention to my conversation with Sydney, stopped playing with her Crazy Loom to listen.

“Regain control, Colandra, regain control.” These are the words running through my head as my six year stands (hands on hip) and waits for my response.

So as I good mother would, I walked over to the sink and disposed of my favorite beverage.

She then said to me, “Good, mommy! I knew you could do it.”

UGH!! That’s what I wanted to say. But I was in control. So I said, “I am a good mom. Plus I am going to add that item to my fast.”

40 days and 40 nights!!!

Yep! I can do it.


10 thoughts on “40 Days and 40 Nights

  1. You can always count on your kids to keep you in line! However, no matter if you enjoyed that beverage or not, you are a great mom! Your story kept me in suspense. I couldn’t wait to see what you did. Good slice!

  2. 40 days and nights!? You are so strong. I couldn’t do it. BTW, my husband says I swear like a sailor and our kids will get it from me not him. He is so right. It must be an educator thing! Great slice Colandra. I love how you ended it!

  3. Honestly, I could read these Sydney stories all day! You really capture her personality through the dialogue. And adding your “favorite beverage” to the list! You are a good mom!

  4. I especially loved the paragraph starting with, “Now everyone in the house is listening….” Such a smart decision to bring in other characters to your writing, if only for a moment. It really opened up the scene for me. I was right there in the kitchen – watching as a fly on the wall!

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