Every work week begins with a Monday and ends with a Friday. That is true if your career has allowed you this luxury to have your Saturdays and Sundays off.

When Monday rolls around, I anxiously await for Friday to sneak up on me. Sometimes it creeps – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday work overtime to make sure I enjoy every hour of their day. Other times it rolls in – no Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. I just go from Monday to Friday instantly!

I was hoping this week, Friday would just roll in. Instead it crawled a little, then it did a little jog but mostly time stood still.

Why the rush to get to Friday?

Why the rush to get back to Monday to wait again for Friday?

Why the rush?

Let me time you why. It is a five letter word that I do not get much of anymore: SLEEP!

I just want to sleep in this weekend. This will be the weekend to do it. I do not care if the earth stops moving, the sun sits on my face, the kids scream my name a thousand times, or my husband cooks a fabulous breakfast. I am sleeping in.

I am going to keep my eyes closed really tight and plug my ears. I am sleeping in.

I am sleeping in!!!

Now check with me tomorrow to see if it truly happens – sleeping in that is!


14 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. I love how you describe the passing of days- they just creep, roll, or jog on by! I hope your weekend inches along at snail’s pace, giving you that much needed time for SLEEP!

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