No Sleep for Mommy!!!

I tried! Boy! Did I try! I closed my eyes really tight. I pulled the blanket over my head to cover my senses of smell and hearing. I turned the alarm clock around to block the light. I closed the bedroom door – something I haven’t done in 7 years when the first child was born. I turned off the room monitor for the girls’ room – I knew God was watching over them. Nothing worked. I mean NOTHING worked!

How does one turn off the internal alarm clock? Ugh!!

It went off and I couldn’t do anything about. I tried squeezing my eyes shut – didn’t work. I tired counting sheep – didn’t work. I tried playing soft music on my I-Pod – didn’t work.

So there I was 4:30 in the morning wide awake.

I am awake and the family is asleep.

No sleep for this mommy!!


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