Sunday = Funday

It has been awhile since we’ve felt the sun’s rays. The sun has shown her face but we have not felt her warmth. Well, today was one of the days, the sun has decided to grace us with her presence as well as her warmth.

Sun shining. Temps rising. Out the door we go.

Where shall we venture? The zoo? The shed? The movies? Navy Pier?

We are going to the zoo!!!

The girls are super excited. Now they get to see the animals in their winter coats. This is going to be a fun-day on this Sunday.


6 thoughts on “Sunday = Funday

  1. I just tweeted a friend how GREAT it was to see that warm sun STILL shining at 7:30pmEST. I am glad the sun decided to shine this weekend and that we sprung the clocks ahead! I bet you have a zoo slice to share now, too! What a great sunny Sunday!

  2. I felt the extra boost from the sun today, as well! Can not WAIT for this spring to show itself in full glory. I like the visual you provided of the, “animals in their winter coats.” Hope you guys enjoyed your fun day! 🙂

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