Mission Accomplished

Monday begins the weekly routines: uniforms prepared for the week, lunches and snacks ready to go, hair washed and braided, homework to do every night.

This started out as a typical Monday. All the routines were done – checked off the list. Kennedy is at the table ready for me to help her with her homework.

But there was something special in her eyes when I walked through the door. At first I could not put my fingers on it. Many thoughts ran through my head but nothing prepared me for what she was about to show me.

Kennedy: Mom how was your day?

Me: Ok. We had a dog loose on the playground this morning.

Kennedy: Did you run?

Me: I did one better, I sent Ashleigh’s mom out there to deal with the dog.

Kennedy: Ms. Kelly likes dogs.

Me: She does now.

Me: Why so many questions?

Kennedy: I don’t know. What are you about to do now?

Now my patience is starting to shrink. She never talks but when she does she has a million and one questions. I was not ready for that today. I needed to post my blog.

Me: Kennedy can we talk in the morning? I have a lot of things I need to get done. Where’s your homework?

Kennedy: I did it with Daddy.

Me: Oh, no! Please bring me the work.

Dad can never get the second grade math right. Her class is working on geometry. He knows nothing about geometry, trigonometry, calculus, algebra, basic math facts. (I am just stretching the truth. He really isn’t a math person.)

Kennedy pulls out the math workbook and the pages they worked on. So far I hadn’t found an error. Maybe he’s catching on to the second grade math, 

Me: Good job, Kennedy and Dad!! Now show me what you have completed at school. I am not sure how her teacher grades their daily work but it comes every day – GRADED.

I was unaware that Kennedy was waiting for me to say this.

We have been practicing her math facts fore   v   e   r. I have downloaded every app, tried every trick, we (she) just couldn’t finish 30 math facts in one minute.

My baby girl proudly showed me her paper where she finished all her math facts in one minute. The bonus was that they were all correct.

Yep! We are super proud. She finally did. Mission Accomplished.

Now we have to master those multiplication facts. Team Hamilton is ready!!


7 thoughts on “Mission Accomplished

  1. Im smiling and sharing in your anxious need to post your blog amidst family routines. Im squeezing in this comment while I watch a weeknight movie with my family. 🙂 Enjoyed your post.

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