Light Bulb!

I flicked on the light switch – one bulb out.

Me: Honey, one of the light bulbs is out in the foyer? Can you change it?

Husband: Yeah!

Day 2

I flicked on the light switch – bulb number two is out.

Me: Honey, another bulb is out. Can you change both of them?

Husband: Sure!

Day 5

I flcked on the light switch – only one working bulb out of five.

Me: Really! You haven’t changed the light bulbs!

Husband: I’m going to get to it.

Now I’m wondering:

How many husband are needed to change a light bulb?

Better yet how long will it take the husbands to change the light bulb?

I hope I don’t have to sit in the dark before he changes the light bulbs.


6 thoughts on “Light Bulb!

  1. Funny, little slice! I like the back and forth between your thoughts and the talking. You know what they say…when you want something done…TRY ASKING A LITTLE LOUDER! 😄

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