How did I get here?

How did I get here?

I often think back to Spring 1997 when I was student teacher. I was assigned a first grade classroom. Why did my supervisor think I could handle the little ones. All of my classes had been with the older kids. The kids who could tie their shoes. The kids who could use their own hands to blow their nose. The kids who could acknowledge a good joke when they heard one. The kids  who could hold a conversation without touching any of their body parts. (You know you had some students like this.)

I was stressed the entire semester over my assignment. My cooperating teacher could not fathom the idea of me teaching to the other kids. “You are perfect as a first grade teacher.” said Mrs. Cummins who couldn’t believe I came from a family of ten. Who was she kidding? I was not destined to be a primary teacher. No way. No how.

Late April, I met the administrators that would change my life forever. Ms. Sandra Ward and Mrs. Linda McGlynn were the administrators I met at a  job fair which I was late for – very late. The job fair was actually over and the hotel was setting up for a wedding. That’s how late I was. These two dynamic women gave me a chance. I called them dynamic because they knew I was the best candidate they met that day. These were the thoughts going through my head as I was given an interview on the spot. I later received the job. Of course I got the job. I was the best candidate.

Fast forward 5 years

I am finishing up my curriculum and instructions master’s degree when a wise gentleman approached me about the possibility of leaving the classroom. Ugh!! Are you serious? I love my students. I enjoy working with kids who can laugh at my humor, blow their own noses, etc. I cannot leave my students. I need them and they need me.

No one heard this cry. So I went ahead and finished my first masters and worked on my second one – administration. Why, oh why, would I ever become an administrator? I have to be insane. You don’t interact with kids. You don’t tell jokes. You don’t teach the divisibility rule. You don’t teach the ancient civilizations. How could I give all this up?

12 years later here I sit an administrator who tells some really good jokes, who still teaches math every opportunity she gets, who has to wipe noses at time, etc. I really didn’t lose much when I became an administrator but I gained 700 plus students with a wonderful staff.

So how did I get here? By people having the faith I can do the job. By people acknowledging my leadership. By believing in myself.

So when I have a rough day, I think about the question: How did I get  here? I think back to Spring 1997 when two administrators took a chance on me.


4 thoughts on “How did I get here?

  1. It’s so amazing to look back on our journey’s…with all the steps, hard work, joy, encouraging mentors, blood, sweat, and tears they entail. Your’s is so great to read… You are a natural born leader with such heart.

  2. Where we begin our journey. What a great idea for a slice that turned out so wonderful. Mrs ward interviewed me and didn’t hire me in the end but as fate would have it that was a good thing. She passed me on to Jean Keeney who I am eternally grateful to for taking that chance on me!

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