I love my sistas!!! These women have helped shape me into the fine young woman that I am. These women keep me on my toes and keep me up to date on the latest fashions and gossips. These women are my sistas.

I am the ninth child of ten crazy at times siblings. I am the fifth girl of six feisty, independent, strong-willed sisters. I am the leader of them – at least I feel that way.

Just like a sculpting class, each of my sisters have molded me into who I am today.

My sista Marsha is the oldest and wisest. We all look up to her for fashion tips. She was the person we ran to for make-ups tips and the hairstyles. She is still fashionable at age (I don’t think I should tell.) She is just a fashionable woman. She still tells me I do not apply my make- up correctly.

Audrey is the feisty one. When you needed to put another person in their place (shut them up) she gave you the best one-liners. She still has some good one-liners. She is quick with her tongue. She is also into her fashion. She loves to shop and I do too. We are shopping buddies.

Sharon is the mothering type. She made sure we were fed OFTEN. She did the cooking, cleaning, and at times disciplining. You had to do as you were told by Sharon or there was a painful price to pay. She feds me every time I visit her.

Ursula!!! This is my all time favorite sista. She is my ride or die sista – literally. We were both born under the same zodiac sign and share a lot of qualities. Ursula is the comedian and entertainer. She would make us put on shows in the house when our parents went out with their friends. She was the mc and we were her dancers. Every time Soul Train came on we practiced our moves. There is another side to Ursula. Family is very special to her. She was a defender and a fighter of all kinds – kids, adults, dogs, etc. Beyond the jokes and kicking butts, Ursula is a math whiz. The girl would do math in her sleep. She is the reason I love math so much.

Next comes the baby of the family, Kendra. Because she is the last one (number 10 of 10), Kendra feels it has to be her way or no way. Usually she gets her way because she’s the BABY. Yep, Kendra and I butt heads but I won’t trade her for the world. She makes me crazy at times. But my girls love her dearly.

Each of my sistas have placed their mark on me. I am fashionable, quick with my tongue, mothering, hilarious, and next to the baby. Thanks to these five sistas I am who I am today.

Thanks sistas!!


12 thoughts on “Sistas!!

  1. I am 6 out of 7 in a family of 5 boys & 2 girls. My sister (the oldest) was thrilled that I wasn’t a boy despite the 9 years between us. She is my mentor, friend, and guru! I loved reading about your sisters!

  2. Puts it all to perspective of how you came to be how you are. Our family shapes us, that’s for sure!! You got a little something from each of your sisters. That’s what families are for!

  3. Loved reading your post, and the way you described your wonderful sisters. Seems like this could be the beginning of a very interesting memoir! I only have one sister, and I already have enough material to write! 🙂

  4. Enjoyable slice! So much of your personality shines through in your writing! I thought your description of what would happen for not listening to Sharon was funny. Sounds like very fun bunch!

  5. I never knew you had so many siblings, Colandra! That is so cool!! I have only 2 sisters but they are my besties. We’re all so different, too. I’m the baby – I’m also used to getting things my way. 🙂

  6. I did NOT know you are one of ten! How fabulous! You share how each one has inspired you and how you are all connected by more than blood. This is such a great slice!

  7. Large families are the best, aren’t they? This is a great slice. I love how you were able to put strong personality trait to each sister. I should try that!

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