What do I tell her?

Lately, she has been coming home informing me about a girl in her class that disrupts her learning. Wearing my administration hat, I ask, “What is she doing?” She says, “She yells all the time. She tells the teacher to shut up. She always has to play on the computer and won’t allow others to play.” I nearly lost my cool with her next statement. “Mom, she even threw a domino piece at me and hit me in the back.” “WHAT?!” I yelled. (self talk – relax, take a deep breath, she’s watching your reaction) “What do you mean she threw a domino piece at you? What was going on?” (I am ready to call the teacher and meet with the parent. Now I sound like one of the parents I deal with on a daily basis.)

To make a long story short, the teacher witnessed the incident and sent the student to the office. Now my daughter is asking if she should still play with her.

What do I tell her?

The teacher/administrator side of me wants to tell her it okay to still be friends. That some people have bad days.

The mother side of me wants to tell her what my mom told me, “If anyone puts their hands on, you hit ’em back.”

Now I am in a dilemma. What do I tell her?

I think I better wait until I am calm.  


7 thoughts on “What do I tell her?

  1. I have no answer. Well, not one you’d be wise to follow. As Maddie grows older, I find myself wanting to put her in a ring and give her some gloves and teach that girl to fight. She’d rather hug though, so I’m out of luck. 🙂

  2. The struggle is tough…the slice is great…I was right there with you, picturing having this same conversation with Aubrey. It is so hard sometimes to be the parent and a teacher….oh the dilemma!

  3. I feel your pain. Mine has had a similar situation. Breaks my heart that they have these lessons to learn. You are an awesome example for her. I love that you recognize to wait and be calm.

  4. I completely understand your situation. Been there recently. It’s so hard. Hope for the best and that the young lady has learned her lesson? If not, best to intervene. It’s tough watching our kids experience these types of life lessons…. but sometimes, esp when they are young, Mom’s got to intervene.

  5. Oh! You I forget that you have one that holds tight to the love everyone belief. Maybe try we should respect everyone as best we can, but not everyone has to be our friend. And no friend would put their hands on you or cause you harm-even if they are having a bad day!

  6. Such a difficult dilemma! I went through this years ago with my son. We had many conversations about what it really means to be a friend, and friends definitely aren’t people who intentionally hurt you.

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