My Back-Up Alarm Clock

There is never a quiet/dull moment with her unless she’s sleeping. Even in her sleep she talks. So there is a never quiet/dull moment with her.

Last night I tried to keep her up late so I can sleep in. She stayed awake a little longer than normal. See she’s an earlier riser – very early. When she wakes the entire house wakes because of the talking. With her going to bed late my thought process was that she would sleep late. If she slept late then I get to sleep late. I went to bed happy. But I woke up mad.

My plan didn’t work. She has the same internal alarm clock as me. I thought I was hearing voices. I thought I left the tv on. I thought I was dreaming. None of those were true.

Wide awake! Full of energy! Talking a mile a minute!

Who is the person? My infamous six-year, Sydney!

I couldn’t ignore her or the excessive talking. So I started cleaning. This was not part of my plan. My plan was to sleep a little later because of all of the things I have to do. Cleaning was not at the top of the list. Sleep was at the top of the list.

This is my life – EVERYDAY!!! She wakes and I start cleaning.


8 thoughts on “My Back-Up Alarm Clock

  1. Your personality shines through in your slices. I felt the annoyance of having to get up early and then you find yourself cleaning when you would much rather sleep. Though by the end, you surrendered and I felt like you accepted that it’s just the way it is.

  2. I miss, miss, miss having babies…..EXCEPT for when it comes to sleeping in.

    “Who is the person? My infamous six-year, Sydney!”…….just that line alone makes me smile….I can see your expression, hear the inflections in your voice… Love that you are able to express your personality in your writing. That is a true talent….:-)

  3. Hey! Sydney was just trying to help you not procrastinate your day away. Haha. Sorry you couldn’t sleep in. At least when my rockstar awakes at 4 day in the morning, she is not at the age where she entertains herself, momentarily!

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