Sunday Routines

As I am getting ready to start my Sunday routine, I had a flashback to my childhood.

Every Sunday, we had to get up and get dressed for church. (Those were the words we heard every Sunday by my mom.) We did exactly as we were told. Well some of us did as we were told. My younger sister had to be difficult and put my mom in a bad mood due to her refusal to follow simple directions. After fussing and some cursing, we were ready to head to church. Church always went into the two hour range. It was not Baptist or Methodist. It was an African-American Roman Catholic Church with a very cool Caucasian Pastor. He kept a full house due to his homilies (sermons).  After spending two hours in church, it was time to go grocery shopping. I hated that as much as I hated to do laundry. After shopping, it was giving to Bensenville to visit my dad at work.  By the time we got there, it wasn’t a visit, he followed us home. I never understood why we traveled all that way for him to follow us home. As children, you just went along with ride. Once home, we (the girls) did laundry. My dad and occasionally my brothers watched whatever sport was on TV. As we are doing laundry, my mother is cooking and teaching at the same time. Sometimes we had lesson on boys. I think we had a lot of lessons on boys. She taught us how to balance our checkbook and save for rainy day. I don’t think some of my sisters paid attention to those lessons. Of course she taught us how to cook. I was never interested. So I did the dishes and folded the clothes. I am ready good at both. After we ate, it was time to “do hair.” UGH!! I hated when my sisters had to do my hair. They were never kind. My mom was too busy getting our clothes together for the week. My big sisters had the task of combing the younger ones’ hair. Oh how I wished for a perm at a young age. My hair is very thick. I do mean thick. I received a lot from my dad – his looks, his thick hair – just too much. After our hair had been pulled, stretched, and pulled again, it was time for bed. Thank goodness!!

Before having kids, I always said I would do things differently from my mom. One of those things was Sundays. I was not going to church every Sunday. I won’t wait until Sunday to go grocery shopping. If I were blessed with little girls, I would not torture their scalps like my sisters did me. Things would be different on Sundays.

Well I am here to say now, I am doing exactly as my mother did. We go to church every Sunday – almost every Sunday. Then we go grocery shopping – every Sunday. Most of the laundry is done on Sunday, although I wash every day. My husband is always taking control of the TV but he does the cooking. I plan what we should have every night and I have lessons with my girls about life. Yes, I wait until after dinner to wash, blow-dry, press (if you grew up around African-Americans you know what I mean by pressing hair), and comb their hair. Yes, they do cry because I passed my type/texture of hair down to them. I prepare all their clothes for the week. After a bath, off to bed they go and so do I.

I know I can break these habits but they work for me. My body knows exactly what to do and the time to do it. I have tried going shopping on other days. It just doesn’t feel right to me. I am used to seeing people in their Sunday best (clothing) in the store with me. I wash everyday. But it is a small load – nothing like what I do on Sundays. I tried to combing hair on Friday. But I am too tired to do it after working all week. It doesn’t feel the same having a teachable lesson with them outside of Sunday. I think my mother knew she had our attention.

So I guess I will continue to do what I have always done because I get the best results when I do.


7 thoughts on “Sunday Routines

  1. A feeling of tradition, routine and what “just works.” Your piece took me back and had my mind visiting several decades ago, imagining your mom giving her lessons while all the girls folded laundrey and cooked. It played like a movie to me. Great slice Colandra!

  2. Great Slice! I love that although you said you wouldn’t do this to your girls, you are…I find myself doing things my Mom did too….even though I said the same thing! Thanks for sharing!

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