A Simple Note

I always try to start my day on a positive note. Everyone gets a cheerful Hello! On Mondays, I ask about the weekend. On Fridays, I ask about the plans for the weekend. So everyone gets some type of conversation from me. I like to set the tone – today is a new day with a new beginning.

This Monday was no different from all 29 of the other ones during the school year. Good morning! How are you? How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun? The list goes on. The teachers happily want to share the experiences and I happily listen.

Well, after listening to all the wonderful stories, I decided to check my email. I try not to check my email first thing in the morning. Sometimes it changes my mood – like today. After reading the irritating email, my day sort of went down hill. More kids came to the office, teachers started complaining, parents called complaining, students were crying, lice checks, etc. This was not the way I wanted to enjoy my Monday.

I tried to maintain the positive attitude I tell my staff they should display often. But it was really hard today. Every time the phone rang, I felt it was for me. It ranged again. I decided to stand still because I knew the caller was calling for me. I was correct. What is now?! I thought. The caller informed me that someone had placed a note on my car. What the what? They did what? You never mess with my property, especially one I am still making payments on. So you don’t touch my car or my house. I love both of them. Immediately run out to see what was placed on my car. The lice checks, the crying students, the smart-mouth junior high student all had to wait. Blue Ivory (the name of my car) was calling for my attention.

Once I finally made it to my car (every teacher just happened to be in the hallway as I was trying to make a mad dash to my car and they all had questions), I saw that someone had taped a note to it. I do mean it was “taped” to my car. It was not stuck in the window. It was taped. It wasn’t placed under the windshield wiper. It was taped. I was not to happy about that. So I gently removed the tape from the window. I didn’t want any sticky residue left on it. I just got her washed yesterday. I am sure Blue Ivory was not too happy about the tape. I open the card and this is what I found:

Simple Note

This simple note put the biggest smile on my face. I had forgotten about all the negative things of the day and just focused on this note. As I type this I am smiling because I am so happy. Yes, I have received notes like this in the past but this one came at the right time. The perfect time. I so needed this note of thanks today. I would love to thank the person but I think I should just enjoy the moment. He/she intended to put a smile on my face and it worked.



10 thoughts on “A Simple Note

  1. I have an image of you talking very gently to Blue Ivory as you pulled the tape off…just like you would to the girls if you had to remove a band aid. You crack me up! You also reminded me of my husband’s name for one do his cars. Black Beauty.

  2. A little cheerful note of appreciation goes a long way! It’s nice to be reminded…it gets you through the day and validates what you are doing. I love your Monday and Friday morning routine.

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