My Guilty Pleasure

We all have one or two.

We sometimes hide it (them) from others.

We very rarely share them.

We keep them in tip top condition – mint condition.

We sometimes have to sneak them in the house.

They are our guilty pleasures.

I like the way my calves look in them.

I like the way I can run fast in them.

I like the way they give me a little height.

I like the way they can make the worse outfit look like a million bucks.

My guilty pleasure is shoes. I love, love, love shoes.

I love shoe shopping/buying. I can shop online, in stores, or in your closet (if you wear a size 9) all day.

So when can I come over to satisfy my guilty pleasure? I’ll bring chocolates – which I’m sure is your guilty pleasure.



6 thoughts on “My Guilty Pleasure

  1. I knew right away you were writing about shoes! How did I know you ask? I have the same guilty pleasure. Sometimes I leave them in the trunk of my car only to reveal later. When asked, “Are those new?” Why of course not! (They’ve been in the trunk.)

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