Calgon Friday

Today is Friday. It is the end of the week. For some, today is a payday. For others, you are waiting for the next Friday for your payday. It is known to all to be the start of the weekend. It is the day you can unwind, have a “few” after work, stay up late, caught a movie, schedule a date, etc. For me, Friday is hmmm! Let me think about that.

What do I do on Friday now that I am married with children? I don’t really know. I can tell what I don’t do anymore:

  • go to parties
  • travel to different colleges (sorority road trips)
  • hang out at my best friend’s house (the party house)
  • go to dinner with the just the “girls”
  • go on regular scheduled dates (twice a month, he had to take me out)
  • go to movies
  • stay up all night (talking – face to face or by phone)
  • play cards

I am sure I missed quite a few things I did when I was childless and single.

Now I think I come home and go to bed on a Friday night. Isn’t that sad?! All day at work, I pray that my kids’ teachers have given them some much knowledge that they are just as tired as I am. That the only thing they should want to do on a Friday is go to sleep with mommy. I also pray that my husband doesn’t get an extra boost of energy and want to go out on a date or catch a movie.

I just want a “Calgon” Friday. I just want to take a long bath with some jazz music playing in the background. Get into my comfy pjs that I would never, ever wear outside and curled up to my pillow. I don’t want a book, a glass of wine, or the tv. I just want my firm mattress and my down-filled pillows. I just want to unwind without hearing the kids in the background, or the husband asking what’s for dinner. I just want a “Calgon” Friday.

Someone please take me away!!! (I just need to relax!)


9 thoughts on “Calgon Friday

  1. Calgon sounds like a perfect Friday night to me! I read somewhere recently (maybe Reader’s Digest) that our sense of what gives us happiness changes as we age. For the young, happiness is about novelty and excitement–going and doing. As we grow older, happiness becomes more about comfort and relaxation. Both are good, just different.

  2. Your reference to those Calgon commercials made me smile! Here is to the relaxing evening you are wanting but you never know it might be you who gets the burst of energy! 🙂

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