She Has Written Me Off!!

It never fails, every time MY phone rings, my youngest daughter is right there when I answer. She has a sixth sense that tells her the phone is about to ring. It rings, she answers. It rings, she listens to the conversation. It rings and she is ready to talk when the caller hangs up.

My latest conversation was with a good friend of mine who is trying to plan a getaway to Vegas for her birthday. Well, my secretary (my feisty six-year old) was right there to listen to every word that came out of my mouth. She is such a smart little cookie that she is able to guess what the caller’s response/question was. After my lengthy phone conversation with my friend, Sydney decided to have her own conversation with me.

Syd: Mom, can kids go to Vegas?

(She heard everyone word that we said. I do mean every word. I tried to be as discreet as possible.)

Me: Well, um, well, yes and no.

Syd: What does that mean?

Me: That means kids can go but there is really nothing for kids to do there.

Syd: Well, why do adults go?

Me: We go to have fun.

(My fun includes gambling, partying and a buffet or two.)

Syd: Hmm. Well, I want you to take me to Vegas for my birthday like you are going to do for Aunt Tisha.

Me: (My patience is shrinking quickly.) Listen! You are child and there is nothing in Vegas for a child.

Syd: Well, I still want to go.

Me: (I decided to compromise.) When you turn 21, I promise to take you to Vegas for your birthday.

(I thought that was a pretty good answer.)

Syd: 21! Mom you will be dead by then.

Me: Dead?! I won’t be dead by the time you turn 21.

(Does she know something I don’t know?)

Syd: Yes, you will. You will be old and dead. I will never get to Vegas. (She stomps off – loudly.)

My poor secretary/child has written me off. Wow!



8 thoughts on “She Has Written Me Off!!

  1. haha. Kids have no concept of age. This slice reminded me of when I was told that I was older than Burger King. Watch out Vegas here comes Sydney (at 21). 🙂

  2. Yeah, kind of hard to explain to a 6-year-old why Vegas is not appropriate for kids. We had a timeshare there and took our kids when they were little. But aside from the hotel pool, Circus Circus, and riding the monorail there isn’t a whole lot for kids.

  3. Oh I love the dialogue you used and your description of your daughter as your secretary!! At least hopefully the topic will be dropped for a little while! 🙂

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