Why Have a List?

This week is my long awaited Spring Break. While growing up, this week was called clean up week. My mother took the term literally and cleaned every room in the house. I do mean every room – closets included. So like my mother, I had planned to do a lot of cleaning but my mind won’t let me. I even created a schedule to have things done. I noticed creating a schedule keeps me focused. But that mind of mine won’t allow anything to take place.

My scheduled included the following:

Monday – take mom to breakfast and to Macy’s (she needs to spend those gift cards)

Tuesday – tackle the guest room (my sister is coming to stay with me for a few weeks)

Wednesday – go to school (work) and file papers that are rising to the ceiling

Thursday – do a little personal shopping (mama (me) needs a new pair of shoes)

Friday – girls day out (spend the day with the girls)

I know it is only Wednesday but I have yet to complete a task.

Monday – Mom didn’t want to go to breakfast because of a headache. I decided to visit one of my sorority sister – ALL DAY. She kept talking and talking and I couldn’t escape. Plus she’s a great cook. Yum! Yum!

Tuesday – Mom wanted to go to breakfast at 10 am on the north side of Chicago to a restaurant that always has at least an hour wait. We done by 1:30 After breakfast she wanted to go shopping. The couldn’t happen because I had to drive/speed to the south suburbs to pick up my girls by 2:30. My girls made it very clear to me that they did not want to go after school care.  Needless to say the guest room did not get touched because I just didn’t feel like doing it.

Wednesday – I wanted to check off one thing on my list. So I decided after dropping the girls off at school, I would head to work to file the mounds of papers piling up on my desk. I went to breakfast with one of the moms at my kids’ school. Then I headed to work. Once I got to work, I decided I was not in the mood to file those papers. So I had the bright idea to respond to all my emails. That took a few hours. I glanced at the clock and my desk (mounds and mounds of papers) and decided to leave. There goes another task not completed for the week.

Thursday – I think I can mark this task as done. I am going shoe shopping tomorrow. Rain or shine. I am coming home with a new pair of shoes. My mind will not win this battle.

Friday – The girls may have to go to school because I need to get the guest room together. They will understand. Right?

I truly do not understand why my mind and my list would not cooperate with other. I just don’t understand. I hope tomorrow they can agree on the shoes.


7 thoughts on “Why Have a List?

  1. Ahhh, the best laid plans that don’t get done. I feel your pain. My plans aren’t working out either. I waited for the repair guy to look at the refrigerator Monday. He showed up at the last minute and then didn’t have the part to fix it. That had to ordered. Came Tuesday. He was supposed to come back this afternoon, but never showed up. Another day wasted! Good thing I brought work home to do while I sit here and wait!

  2. Best laid plans- hopefully you will get some things checked off, but it sounds like you had some fun instead of your tasks!

  3. Ha, the cleaning bug bit me…sort of, I checked a few things off my list….now I have a few things undone because cleaning makes me shop….I feel a slice coming on.

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