What a Day! What a Day!

Oh how I wish I could turn back the hand of time!

My week has been atypical. Nothing has gone as scheduled. So why would I think today would be any different?

I woke this morning in a mood that said, “You should stay in bed and not answer the phone.” I expressed to my husband, “Honey, I am not feeling like myself. It might be a good idea to take the girls school. I am not in the mood for their bickering.” He says, “I go through this everyday with them. It is time for you to experience what I go through.” He then proceeded to walk out the door. My evilness said to call the locksmith and change the locks. Instead I began arguing with BOTH girls. I normally just argue with one. But the oldest one decided to voice her opinion. UGH!!

No one wanted the oatmeal I made. “It is not like daddy’s. You can’t cook, mom!” “Really, girls! It is instant oatmeal. It is only calling for boiling water.” “Daddy adds other stuff in it.” “What other stuff could he possible add to instant oatmeal.” “I don’t want it.” “Me either!” As we are having this debate the clock is ticking. The minutes are speeding away. My mother was snaking (slithering) to come out of me. “Girls, it is best that you eat that oatmeal and get ready to leave for school.” That fell of deaf ears as they sat and looked at the bowls. It was like a scene from Good Times when no one wanted to eat Thelma’s oatmeal. So my mother finally came out of me. “Get your stuff and let’s go. You will just have to be hungry today. I told your dad to take you girls school and he decided to walk out the door. I won’t walk out the door on you but you will go to school hungry. Now move!” Of course I had the facial expression to show that I meant business.

As we are driving to school, the youngest, my challenging one, just had to say something. For the life of her, she just can’t be quiet and allow me to be angry or to have a moment of silence. “Mom, you know it is not a good idea not to feed us.” Something told me not to look in the rearview mirror. But I did. She had that damn smirk on her face like she just told me something I didn’t know. So I had to go there with my six-year old. “Listen, Sydney, you chose not to eat the oatmeal. So I guess you chose to be hungry until snack time. I am assuming you like the sound of your tummy growling.” She kicked the back of the seat because she didn’t have good comeback for my reply. As she was kicking the seat, a thought appeared in her head. In mid-swing she says, “When are you going back to work? I want daddy to take us to school.” “Young lady, I was trying to get him to take you to school but he walked out the door.” “Mom, can you just drive fast so I can get to school. My teacher will give me some cheerios.” I couldn’t drive fast enough to get her to school. I wanted to run every light. I actually wanted to make her walk to school as I drove alongside her.

If she is like this at six what the heck is she going to be like at sixteen?

After dealing with the oatmeal situation, I headed to the eye doctor. I knew I was in need for a new pair of glasses. It had been about two, three, four years since my last eye exam. I decided to go to a new doctor because of convenience. It is closer to my house. I should had gone back home when one of the customers allowed the door to close in my face. He, I said HE, did not hold the door open for me. He was first to get to the door. I was right behind him. He knew I was behind him because we had parked next to each other. Instead of being a gentlemen he closed the freaking door on me. How rude?

Aren’t men supposed to hold the door open for women and children?

It gets better. There are about three secretaries, technicians, I am not sure of their title, at the counter. All three had to talk to the gentlemen. I had an appointment. He didn’t and they purposely made me wait while all three had to answer his stupid questions. Seriously!

How many secretaries are needed to help ONE person?

Of course, I had to get the technicians with the attitude. It was just the hand I was dealt today. I tried putting my most cheerful smile on my face. It didn’t help. She was still rude to me. Her first question to me after I said who I was and the time of my appointment was, “Do you have your medical card?” In my head, I am thinking I have never, ever been asked if I had a medical card. Did she just assume that I am a public aid recipient? I would love to live off the fat of the land but I enjoy going to work everyday. Other thoughts ran through my head and I should probably keep them there. I say to her, “Do you mean my insurance card?” “Oh yes, do you have your insurance card?” Now I wanted to give her a good tongue lashing for her ignorance but I was trying to have a better day because my morning started off wrong. After dealing with her and completing all the necessary paperwork, I had to see the doctor. She informed me that at the ripe age of 41 I needed bifocals. I was also told to go see me my medical doctor because I might have high blood pressure.

How much can a person take in a day?

I probably should have stayed in bed today.




4 thoughts on “What a Day! What a Day!

  1. One of my favourite books, Anne of Green Gables has a quote I say often…”isn’t it nice to know that tomorrow is a new day without any mistakes in it yet?”

    Thank god for tomorrows. And wine or chocolate or click flicks or hot baths with the door locked…

    You did a great job of capturing the story, your feelings, the dialogue, that had me right there with you the whole time… Take care!

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