Writer’s Block


(This line represents my thought process – flat line.)

Writer’s block. That’s what I have. I think. Maybe. I guess. I am not sure.

Writer’s block. I didn’t even write until now. This writer’s challenge has made me do some strange things.

Writer’s block. I am a math person. I should know better than to try to write.

Writer’s block. Am I crazy or what? I have to put my thoughts on paper and have people read it. Plus they get to comment.

Writer’s block. Now I know I am crazy. I actually participated in this m  o  n  t  h  loooonngg challenge. I wrote nearly every day.

Writer’s block. I actually enjoyed writing. I believe a little of personality came through each piece of my writing. Some of my piece made you laugh. You know it.

Writer’s block. This challenged had me checking my email regularly for comments. I secretly looked forward to what others thought about my writing.

Writer’s block.  I don’t think I have it anymore. I just wrote a little piece for you to read.



9 thoughts on “Writer’s Block

  1. This is so interesting to me because almost all of us have a time when we have writer’s block. Many of us do what you did we write about it. By writing about it we WRITE! Good for you for leaving the math zone long enough to discover yourself as a writer! We ALL have something to say.

  2. This was great Colandra- I think we could all compile a book with slices divided into sections. One would definitely be all of our writers block posts. I love yours!

  3. How about it….we made it through the month. I wasn’t sure I could do it. It we did! This is a simple expression of what each of us probably felt at least once this month.

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