Hi, my name is Colandra and I am a writer!

Thirty-one days ago I was invited to join a writing challenge. I was on the fence about starting until I noticed my mentor, Cathy Thompson, had joined. So my mind started wondering if I should give this challenge a try. Then I noticed that several of my teachers had joined the challenge. I knew at that point I had to join as well. Within the first week, I was ready to quit but then my dean, Kelly Andruch, joined. I had to quit my inner bickering and rejoin the challenged. A few more days had passed and I was ready to quit again. Next, I noticed my business manager, Angela Crotty, had joined as well. At this point I am at least 12 days in and three of my colleagues had joined. How could I give up now?! Two of the three people who had joined are math people like me. If they could give it a try then so could I.

Three weeks in and my excitement was at an all time high. The comments noted on my pieces inspired me to keep writing. I am glad I did. I actually finished my 31 day writing challenge. Let me tell you it was a challenge. I actually had to think about things to share. I had to sensor my colorful language. I had to allow people into my thought process. Now I feel so successful. I knew I could write but I did not enjoy doing it. The comments on my posts really inspired me to keep going until day 31. Here I am at 31 days of writing and I don’t want it to end.

Thank you for helping to bring out the hidden me – the writer. Thank you!



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