Mixed Feelings

The day has finally come for me to say Good-bye. I have knots in my stomach because I have mixed feelings about this challenge ending. Let me take a step back and analyze those feelings:


I was challenged to write whatever I wanted and people were able to leave a comment if they liked or disliked my writing. I also had the opportunity to learn about other people and enjoy their writing.


Familiar and unfamiliar writers will read my thoughts and comment on them. My thoughts (slices) may even be shared with other people who are not participating in the challenging. Yikes!!


I fear that my writing may not be clear to my reader. I also fear that people may not want to read my slices.


When I hear the ding from my computer that alerts me that I have a new message, I feel delighted. Someone has decided to read and like my slice for the day.


I felt crushed for two days when I missed slicing. My weekend events sometimes consumed all of my time and I was not able to slice.


The need to read different slices everyday inspired me to write everyday. I received many great ideas for my slices after reading other slices. I also became inspired to write when other’s thoughts (slices) were similar to my mine.

These mixed feelings have caused me to want to challenge myself again. The next challenge will be to write for a full 31 days. It will truly be a challenge. 🙂


Let Me Introduce Myself

Who am I?

I am the one everyone calls on for anything they may need.

Who am I?

I am the one who lends a helping hand to anyone in need.

Who am I?

I am the one that offers my shoulder for people to lend on, cry on, or rest on.

Who am I?

I am the one who drives for hours to assist a person in need or just to have a glass of wine with the person.

Who am I?

I am the one with numerous brothers and sisters who drive me crazy every single day but I would not have it any other way.

Who am I?

I am the aunt that the nieces and nephews call on to help with homework or to swindle a few bucks out of.

Who am I?

I am the daughter of the mother who calls for any and everything. I am also the one who takes her mother shopping and to any restaurant she sees on CLTV.

Who am I?

I am the instructional leader who listens to her teacher and provides support when needed.

Who am I?

I am the administrator that is the “other mom” to all children in her building. The children receive love and hugs from this loving administrator daily.

Who am !

I am the administrator that many parents seek out for a quick chat, update on their child, or ear to bite off.

Who am I?

I am the administrator who has the best administrative team in any building. My team and I work get together and we truly miss each other when one is absent. I love my team.

Who am I?

I am the wife of a great chef and the mother of two beautiful girls who are constantly in my pocketbook.

Who am I?

I am the one spends an entire day shopping and come homes and hide the “goods” in the garage so the hubby does not get upset.

Who am I?

I am the one who allows people to talk her into doing things she does not want to do like run races or write in challenges for 31 days.

Who am I?

I am Colandra, a supportive friend, a devoted sister/aunt, an amazing daughter, an instructional leader with a caring heart, a team player, a stunning wife, a novice runner, and  a courageous writer.

Every now and then people should acknowledge who they are. I decided to recognize ME today.

I See the Light

I see it off in the distance.

There is a little flicker of light.

The light shines brightly for a minute.

Just a few weeks ago it was nowhere to be seen.

As the week progressed, I was able to see the flicker of what I believed to be a light.

As the days get near, I see the light a little more now.

If I could continue to display patience, I know the light and enjoy its warmth will actually reach me.

If I can still hold still for four more days, SPRING BREAK will be here. 🙂

My Wish

I have decided I am going to become a kid again. The ages of 7 and 8 seem very enticing to me. I just need time to rewind just for me. I want my children to witness my irritating, disruptive, and rude behaviors. I need my behaviors to mirror their behaviors. I actually want them to be the parent. So maybe time can go back for me and move forward for them. We can actually do a switch. Now that would be really cool!!

I can watch my children’s hair gray quicker than water can get hot in the microwave. I want to wake up and run through the house and scream at the top of my lungs. I want to repeatedly scream NO for the entire block – no the entire city – could hear. I want to throw my clothes on the floor and refuse to pick them up. I want to demand that ALL my wishes be granted in a moment’s notice. Then, I want to be held like a baby when I refuse to go to the sleep at my scheduled bedtime.

I am not sure if this switch would change my children’s current behaviors. But it sure will make me feel good to watch them become frustrated at my refusal to follow their directions.

Too Much!

Some of my junior high students often use the term, “You doing too much.” In their world, this means the teacher, administrator, or their friend is deeply involved in their business. In my world, it means I have overexerted my self.

Today, I feel like I have done too much. I say this because my ankles are swollen to the size of elephant legs. Well, they look big enough to be on the legs of elephants. I am not quite sure what has caused my ankles to swell to such gigantic portion but they look grotesque. Luckily for me, I decided to wear long pants today. Everyone would have seen this huge mass right above my shoes where my ankles should have been if I would have gone with my other choice – a skirt.

I believe this was a sign from up above to sit my bottom down and to take it easy. After walking for 10,000 steps, I have decided to sit my bottom down and to take it easy.

So bed here I come and pillows prepare to elevate my swollen legs. 😦


Most are familiar with the term co-worker. That is, of course, someone you work with. You do not necessarily have a relationship with that person. Occasionally, you and the other co-worker may eat lunch together or even share a story to each other. But you may or may not miss that person if they are absent from work. This person may not receive an invite to a party or outing. You may even act as if you do not know this person if you happen to see them outside of work.

Well, I have coined a new word, boss-friend. This is a person who is your boss but you have a genuine friendship with this person. You respect each other’s positions and know not to cross the line. BUT, you can confide in this person. This person knows all your secrets. You two even think alike and can finish each other’s sentences. This person is well-known by your family. Your children may even give them the name of Aunt. At family events, you are asked about your boss-friend. There may be times when your boss-friend would be invited to these events. This boss-friend is like a relative. Women are known to have different groups of friends. All your groups of friends know this person, this boss-friend. When the boss-friend is absent from work, you feel a void in your heart. The day just does not go as smoothly. She is terribly missed. 😦

Then one day, your boss-friend is no longer with you. No, the person did not die but it feels like it. Your boss-friend took another position. She promises to come visit often. She promises to still call. When your children come to the place where you both worked together, your children asks for their Aunt. They wonder why did she leave, will she every come back. Then they want to go visit your boss-friend at her new location. They are sad that they new location is not in the same building. They want to know if you will still talk to Aunt everyday like you used to. You tell them, as you fight back tears, “We promised to keep in touch.”

I miss my boss-friend. We shared many great stories together. We shared many tears and laughs together. Rain or shine we were always together. We were the dynamic-duo. We were a great team. Although now we do not see each other everyday, we still talk everyday. We still share our secrets, laughs, and tears together. She is and will always be a Central Park Bulldog. Her office is still the same in case my boss-friend decides to come back.

Until I can see my boss-friend again, I will just write about HER.

I dedicate this slice to my best boss-friend, RECREATIONENTHUSIAST!

Coming Home

I love coming home to the smell of a meal being cooked. A meal that I have asked him to cook for me.

I love coming home and feeling needed by all of them.

I love coming home to hear about their day at school.

I love coming home and listening to my sisters tell me the latest gossip.

Now I would love to come home to clothes actually placed into the hamper and not the floor.

Now I would love to come home to shoes placed on the shoe rack and jackets on hangers in the closet.

Now I would love to come home to children who are not arguing about something petty.

Now I would love to come home and take a bubble bath without someone calling my name.

More importantly, I love coming home to my family. 


She waits patiently – each and every day.

She waits patiently – even when she knows she can do it by herself.

She waits patiently – she looks out the window every so often.

She waits patiently – at the table with her materials ready for me.

She waits patiently – she refuses to allow him to help her.

She waits patiently – she knows that I will make sure everything is right before she presents it to her teacher.

She waits patiently – she knows it is the right thing to do

Sweetie, I am here to help. What homework do WE have tonight?

My Favorite Day of the Week

You often hear people say that Friday, Saturday or Sunday is their favorite day of the week. These are people who typically work Monday through Friday and they look forward to the weekend. People who work over the weekend typically choose Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday as one of their favorite day of the week.

Well, my favorite day of the week is when I can wake up and have NOTHING schedueld on my calendar. This means no hair appointments, birthday parties, lunch dates, date nights, or no meetings for work or my sorority. I mean absolutely nothing can be scheduled in order for it to my favorite day. A blank calendar is truly a rare event for me. So when this opporitunity comes one in awhile for me to have “No Events Scheduled Today,” it is my favorite day of the week.

Now how I spend my favorite day of the week is another slice.

I am just going to enjoy this no “scheduled events day!”

Happy Favorite Day of the Week to Me!

Friday Nights

In my 20s, I would go to class or work, and then come home to shower and dress for my night time adventures with my girlfriends.

In my 30s, I would go to work, and come home to my husband and then head out to dinner and movie.

Now in my 40s, I still go to work, and come home to my husband and kids and then go to bed.

I am scared to find out what I will do in my 50s on a Friday night. Yikes!!!