On the Clock!

Mama said there will be days like this:

“Mom, I don’t feel good.” (then the sound you hear when you are hacking up your last lung)
Throw-up, Cleanup
Throw-up, Clean-up
Dad off the clock, Mom constantly on the clock
(When Dad is off the clock he vanishes into thin air.)

Throw-up, Clean-up
Throw-up, Clean-up
Dad off to work, Mom never left work
(Dad claims he HAS to go to work.)

Throw-up, Clean-up
Throw-up, Clean-up
Dad checks in, Mom hangs up the phone
(Dad has heart and wants to make sure his girls are okay. Now I want to throw-up. Click.)

Throw-up, Clean-up
Throw-up, Clean-up
Washing machine working overtime, Mom doesn’t get paid for overtime
(I think the washing machine groaned when I put the last load of sheets in. Oh no!)

In between cleaning up and comforting, I had the bright idea to partake in a month long writer’s challenge. I realized this challenge is helping me stay sane.


21 thoughts on “On the Clock!

  1. A little peace amid the sickness craziness….I felt like that recently too! Glad you have a “moment” of peace, and I hope she feels better!!

  2. Oh no! Being sick, and throwing up, is the worst…and that is why only mom will do! Hopefully everyone feels better soon and you can get some well deserved “me” time!

  3. Great post! I’m a new mom, and even with my husband on paternity leave, sometimes I feel as if I’m doing everything. It’s nice to know others feel similarly. Now we need to figure out how to change it!

  4. Funny girl….putting a humorous spin on a rather unpleasant task. Whoever said being a mother is easy!!!!!

    1. Hi Michelle! Welcome to the world of writing. It is alwasy great to see math people try their hands at writing. I have yet to sleep and was almost sent to the ER because of my children’s fever. After a three hour doctor’s office visit, the fever gave in and went down. We are now home resting. I am not really sure what resting means to me. But I am going to try my best to find out.

  5. HAHA! Were you spying on my house? I can be so busy that I’m out of breath, and my husband just sits. What gives? I love the story in a poem!

    1. Hi Lisa! My goal is to write a poem within these 31 days. I enjoy reading poems but I have a difficult time composing one. I am going to keep trying. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Oh….I feel you. We just went through this a couple of weeks ago. It was like there was a puppy in the house and I was running around cleaning up after him. Dad just says, “…but I don’t know what to do!” Hope everyone is feeling better! (Including mommy)

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