A Place Called Home


God Bless You!

Thank you! (Just wait more are coming.)

Ah-coo! Ah-choo! Ah-choo! (They normally come in threes.)

God Bless You!

Thank you!

You don’t look like yourself. How about you go to the office and have your temperature taken?

Ms. Laura (nurse/secretary) – can you take my temp?

Sure! Sorry, no temp!

So I can’t go home? I feel like I have a fever. My body feels warm and cold. Isn’t that a sign that I have a temp?

Sorry, no temp! You have to stay at school. You are needed at school. There are so many things you have to do.

But I want my mom. I want to go home. I keep sneezing. See!

Ah-choo! Ah-choo! Ah-choo!

Can I go home now?

Sorry! You have to stay here at school. You are truly needed at school today. All your friends will miss if you leave. It is okay to have a few sniffles and several sneezes. You can make it through the rest of the day.

That is not what I wanted to hear. I want to go home and sleep this invasion of germs off. I want to go home and be with my babies who are still home sick. I want to go home and give my girls their medication. I want to go home and drive my husband crazy. I want to go home because my family is home without me. 😦


7 thoughts on “A Place Called Home

  1. We absolutely needed you today! We miss you terribly when you are gone. I love how this slice made me think you were talking about a kid at first and then to realize it was an adult at the end was perfect!

  2. Aww…now I feel kind of bad because I wanted you to stay! I know the feeling well this winter too! Someday they will all be healthy;) great slice!

  3. Well, I never. The principal trying to get the nurse to send her home sick! This is a picture book in the making… imagine kids’ delight at reading this story!

    Your ending line was perfect. Real and honest.

    Love this Slice!

  4. I can hear you and see you talking to Laura (and I’m guessing looking over your shoulder to make sure Kelly isn’t behind you 🙂 ) I loved how you started off as though you were the sick child in the office. Hope the girls are starting to feel better, and you too!!

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