Halleluiah! (It is lent season. I think I can say that because I am rejoicing.)

Yeah, buddy! (This a phrase my dad used when his horse won for him.)

“It’s Friday night and I just got paid.” (This is song we sang in the 90s when it was payday Friday and the party was a few hours away.This is a happy song.)

Enough already with the phrases, singing and the hollering. I am excited that my girls are going back to school. Yes, Lord, they are going back to SCHOOL. Let me say that one more time, I need it to sink it in: they are gong BACK     to      SCHOOL!!

They have been out of school since Thursday afternoon (a whole week). There were no snow days, no below -30 days, no funerals, no weddings, no mini-vacations. We had a bad case of strep throat which turned into scarlet fever. What the heck (not really my word choice) is scarlet fever? Let me tell you: it is an nasty, ugly, grotesque, sandpaper feel, make you want to hide your kids away from society rash.  It causes your child to scratch herself until she peels – like you do when you get a sunburn or skinning a banana. Your skin peels away, falls off like it was not supposed to be attached to you. Then you have to sweep up the excess skin and dispose of it as if you were sweeping up bread crumbs. You are left with explaining to an 8 year old why it was necessary for her skin to fall off her body and why you had to place it in the garbage can (it grossed me out). Ugh!!!

Now that the fever is gone, the skin is no longer peeling off like a snake sloughs its skin, the girls are back to normal. They are their talkative, bossy, want to rule the nest, constantly moving selves. Yes! I am ecstatic, elated. I am singing songs of joy.

They are going back to school. Yep! Yeah! Yes! They are going!!!

I am a one happy mama! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Yippee!!

  1. Hurray is correct!
    The detail in this is unreal….I hope I never have to deal with that, but your unfiltered description of the side effects made me want to keep reading!

  2. I can only think of one other incidence of Scarlet Fever I’ve know about in the past 35 years, and that was a neighbor kid/former student. He had a very long recovery and residual symptoms for years. Good to hear your children have fully recovered. Best to you all.

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