My Best Friend, Target

Target and I have been best friends since at least 2006. It could have been earlier but my earliest memories begin in 2006.

Target and I have a bond like no other. There have been many days where the two of us would just browse the aisles and check out the latest fashions. We always visit the clearance sections – we find the best deals there.

If I have not checked in with Target for a couple of days, I would receive emails asking me about my whereabouts. Target likes to remind me about upcoming sales. So now, I make sure I visit with Target at least once a week (often times it is like two to three times a week) to check things out. It is very important that I shop the latest fashions and my pantry and linen closets stay stocked with can goods, toiletries, and other whatnots.

Due to this close bond, my husband has threatened to cut off my spending money. He feels I spend too much of his hard earned income when I am with Target. He is also becoming a tad bit jealous that I am constantly checking my emails from Target or stopping by Target on my way home from work. When asked where I am going on early Sunday morning (the new sale begins), I cannot lie so I say Target. When my husband hears Target, he nearly loses his mind. He just cannot understand why I am so in love with Target. He just does not get our close bond.

Target and I are close because it is my one stop shop for everything around the house.

I need a gift for a baby shower – stop by Target!

I need a gift card for a wedding – stop by Target!

I need a toy for a kid’s birthday party – stop by Target!

I need a pair of shoes – stop by Target!

I am running low on toilet paper, paper towels, garbage bags – stop by Target!

I want to redecorate your bathroom, change the décor of your bedroom – stop by Target!

I need a table (kitchen table, computer table) – stop by Target!

I need a new cell phone or accessories for my electronics – stop by Target!

I need a new pair of curlers, products for your hair – stop by Target!

I am running low on groceries – stop by Target!

I need medicine for a fever, throat drops for a sore throat – stop by Target!

I have a taste for an all beef hot dog and a bag of freshly popped popcorn – stop by Target’s concession stand!

I want/need a cup of Starbuck’s delicious coffee – stop by Target!

Why can’t my husband understand the bond I have with Target! Target will always be my best friend. She is very loyal to me and has never disappointed me. My husband will just have to understand – Target is my best friend.


14 thoughts on “My Best Friend, Target

  1. Ha! I love this. And Target is quite the popular gal. She happens to be my best friend too. Trade hot dog and popcorn for hot pretzel and pizza and we are one and the same. 🙂

  2. So, so funny! My husband is jealous of Target too. He doesn’t understand how inviting she is and why it’s so easy to walk in planning to buy one thing and walk out $100 later!

  3. What a great slice!!! I can’t ever go in for just what I went in for and without spending more than I need to.

  4. Target and I were LIKE THIS until my credit card number was stolen from them in November 2013. That made our relationship go south. Things haven’t been the same ever since. That said, like sgeijer, it’s hard to walk out without overspending over there since their displays are (almost) seductive.

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