Hour Needed

Last night or early this morning, time sprung ahead. Well, I need for time to go back. It is important for my health and incomplete tasks that time goes back for me. Losing that precious hour has caused my anxiety level to truly rising. I am in search of my lost hour because I have so much to do today. I do not want to believe that my current time, 4:18 pm, is close to dinner time which means it is close to bedtime. I feel my heart races as the seconds, minutes tick away and I have yet to accomplish what I need to do before the sun sets and my eyelids close. Maybe, just maybe, I can stop procrastinating and just do the tasks that need to be done. If I still had my hour, I could continue to procrastinate and my anxiety would not get the best of me.

Hour can you please come back? I took you for granted. I promise not to do that again. I just need at least 60 of your minutes so I can continue to sit on my sofa and became a couch-potato. With an additional 60 minute,s I could actually wash a load of clothes and prepare the next load. Extra time in my day could mean another episode of my favorite television shows.

Well, it does not appear that you are coming back to me. I guess I will rise from this couch and begin my tasks before the sun leaves for the day and my top and bottom eyelids meet again.

Good bye, hour!  I truly miss you.


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