FitBit Club

You have your crawlers club. This club is for babies with mothers who plan play dates for their kids who are crawling. You must be a crawler to join this club.

You have your walkers club. This club is for women (men are invited as well) who want to get back in shape but are not into running. You must be able to power walk.

You have your joggers club. This club is for anyone – young or old – who is motivated at moving at a rate faster than a snail’s pace. You cannot join if you have not a jogger.

You have your runners club. This club is for runners who will run all year and in all types of weather. You must be willing to run in a timed race.

Now we have this new club – the Fit bit Club. This club is only for members who have a Fitbit device. To remain in the club you have to reach your “step” goal for the day. You also must be willing to move constantly. There are some very competitive people in this club. They will out “walk” you to take the lead position. Here’s the reason why:

He checks in with me every morning around 8. I always give him the once over because I always admire his colorful shirts. Today, I notice the pink – hot pink – bracelet on his left wrist. I keep my comments to myself which is totally unlike me. But then he started moving and moving. He was moving in place. Just moving. In place. He says to me that Janski got him a Fitbit and then points to his left wrist. I nod my head. That explains why he is wearing a hot pink tracking device. He then marches off to get in his steps.

Move ahead a couple hours, he tells me he got in over 3000 steps. I tap my Fitbit and realize I am only at 1100. So I start moving those legs. He tells me his goal is to beat the social worker’s goal of  20000 steps. The social worker has accumulated these steps over the course of this week. He is planning to beat her goal in a day. So I give him the crazy eye – head turned to the side with my left eyebrow raised. He gives me a look back as if to say “trust me.” He then moves on, marching the halls, talking to the kids, marching in place at times. The students ask him, “Mr. Nolan what are you doing?” He tells them, “I am getting my steps in. I have a Fitbit and I am going to get in over 20000 steps!” Now the students start moving in place with him. I, too, start marching in place as I talk to students, teachers, administrators. We all start moving. It is like an epidemic: students, teachers, administrators becoming more fit, more healthy by moving.

By 2:00 pm, he has accumulated over 17000 steps. Now I am looking at him sidewise. I tap my Fitbit and I have yet to make it to 5000. By 2:45, pm he is on the tail of the social worker;s total. He’s at 21000. I am bewildered at the idea that he as reached a recorded setting number in under 8 hours. Teachers are asking him how he did it. As he tells them, he’s moving, he’s marching. The students are asking, “Did you meet your goal, Mr. Nolan?” He says not yet but I am almost there. He’s moving and marching.

It is now 8:30 pm and he has over 30000 steps for the day. The exact total is 33500. What an accomplishment!! He accomplished his goal of beating the social worker’s goal of 30000.

This club, Fitbit club, has become my world. I am constantly moving, moving, moving. The members in the club encourages you to get moving. Now that Mr. Nolan has joined the club with his hot pink tracker, I will never be able to stop moving. I will have to trust that he will continue to keep me motivated to meet my goal.


6 thoughts on “FitBit Club

  1. Haha Katie was telling me about this today at GOTR! I’m going to be making my fitbit purchase this weekend…You’ll have to fill me in on how to join your competition! 🙂

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