Zoo Time!!

I woke to the sun shining on my face. I tried to ignore it but then the sun gave off a little heat to help me roll out of bed.

I hear my neighbors in their yards. I hear kids laughing.

The girls are awake and are asking what are we going to do today.

I look at the hamper of clothes to wash. My mind quickly turns from that thought. I look at my workbag and the paperwork that keeps calling my name. I ignore that as well.

The sun is now coming through every window in the house. My husband had the bright idea to open every curtain in the house. He says there is nothing like sunlight to get the body moving.

The girls are constantly calling my name.

I think I need to leave the house and get outside.

I thought about going for a run. My runners shoes hid from me.

The girls are still calling my name.

I think we should go to the zoo today. The girls yell, “Zoo Time!”

We are off to one of our favorite places: Brookfield Zoo.


8 thoughts on “Zoo Time!!

  1. What a slice! I love how you put all the “shoulds” aside to enjoy the wonderful weather and your family! That’s inspiring! I have a hard time with that. Thanks for the reminder! Enjoy Zoo Day!

  2. I love how you wrote this! The simple, but serious progression from bed to zoo and everything in between! I especially liked the part about your husband saying there is nothing like sunlight to get the body moving. Have fun at your favorite place today!!!!

  3. Love this!!! I am glad that it can all wait…I could hear the girls saying “Zoo Time”!!!! Perfect day for it!

  4. What a perfect day for the zoo! Sometimes you just need to ignore the paperwork, the “running shoes,” and the clothes in the hamper to enjoy the spring sun on your face! Hope you guys had fun!

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