Girl Drama

As a school administrator, one never has a dull moment. Girl drama will truly add spice (and a migraine) to your day.

Girl Drama –

…….makes you “gray” faster (I believe I have over 25 silver strands on my head).

…….happens in every grade (even the primary girls have drama).

…….involves not one, not two, but several girls (at least up to 10 -could be more).

…….takes the entire morning, afternoon, even your entire day to resolve.

…….can make some girls mean and vicious.

…….stems from a comment made on a social media site.

…….makes you rethink why you wished for girls to have as children (siblings have drama, too).

…….makes your teach your girls to have empathy for one another and to love all mankind.

…….unfortunately it is not just with students. Adults have girl drama, too.

…….gives us (my husband and me) something to talk about and look for in our girls (there will be no drama in the Hamilton Household – I can be hopefully).

…….needs to STOP!


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