Goodbye, March 19!

While driving to school this morning, the radio personality reminded me that today, March 19th, is the last day of winter. I would like to officially bid Winter a farewell. Winter has stayed with us entirely too long. It is now time for winter to go into hibernation and to allow all the fresh, green things to grow. It is now time to toss the socks and to allow the toes to breathe. It is now time for the winter coats to find their way to the back of the closet. It is now time for me to enjoy the great outdoors without layers and layers of clothing attached to my skin.

Goodbye, Winter! You were ok while you were around. Your duties are officially over today.  Please allow your other cousins/seasons to do their duties. This means do not come back for a visit during spring, summer or fall. Thank you, Winter! I will complain about/see/feel/curse you in several months. Please enjoy your time away. 🙂


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