Most are familiar with the term co-worker. That is, of course, someone you work with. You do not necessarily have a relationship with that person. Occasionally, you and the other co-worker may eat lunch together or even share a story to each other. But you may or may not miss that person if they are absent from work. This person may not receive an invite to a party or outing. You may even act as if you do not know this person if you happen to see them outside of work.

Well, I have coined a new word, boss-friend. This is a person who is your boss but you have a genuine friendship with this person. You respect each other’s positions and know not to cross the line. BUT, you can confide in this person. This person knows all your secrets. You two even think alike and can finish each other’s sentences. This person is well-known by your family. Your children may even give them the name of Aunt. At family events, you are asked about your boss-friend. There may be times when your boss-friend would be invited to these events. This boss-friend is like a relative. Women are known to have different groups of friends. All your groups of friends know this person, this boss-friend. When the boss-friend is absent from work, you feel a void in your heart. The day just does not go as smoothly. She is terribly missed. 😦

Then one day, your boss-friend is no longer with you. No, the person did not die but it feels like it. Your boss-friend took another position. She promises to come visit often. She promises to still call. When your children come to the place where you both worked together, your children asks for their Aunt. They wonder why did she leave, will she every come back. Then they want to go visit your boss-friend at her new location. They are sad that they new location is not in the same building. They want to know if you will still talk to Aunt everyday like you used to. You tell them, as you fight back tears, “We promised to keep in touch.”

I miss my boss-friend. We shared many great stories together. We shared many tears and laughs together. Rain or shine we were always together. We were the dynamic-duo. We were a great team. Although now we do not see each other everyday, we still talk everyday. We still share our secrets, laughs, and tears together. She is and will always be a Central Park Bulldog. Her office is still the same in case my boss-friend decides to come back.

Until I can see my boss-friend again, I will just write about HER.

I dedicate this slice to my best boss-friend, RECREATIONENTHUSIAST!


8 thoughts on “Boss-Friend

  1. That reminds me of my sort of boss as a graduate teaching assistant. As an older, non-traditional student, I was the same age as the lecturer, now tenured, in charge of the GTAs. We became friends, stayed in touch. Less lately though ~ your post is a reminder to write her and keep the conversation going

  2. I read this one aloud at dinner with Kathy and Ellin. It was just so sweet and so beautiful. It’s truly beautiful to see the friendship between the two of you. It’s so special and one that can never be duplicated. Treasure it always. (I know you will!!!)

  3. I love the name – boss friend. It is harder when you don’t see each other daily – remember to stay in touch and keep your boss friend relationship going but know if there is time away you are still friends.

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