My Wish

I have decided I am going to become a kid again. The ages of 7 and 8 seem very enticing to me. I just need time to rewind just for me. I want my children to witness my irritating, disruptive, and rude behaviors. I need my behaviors to mirror their behaviors. I actually want them to be the parent. So maybe time can go back for me and move forward for them. We can actually do a switch. Now that would be really cool!!

I can watch my children’s hair gray quicker than water can get hot in the microwave. I want to wake up and run through the house and scream at the top of my lungs. I want to repeatedly scream NO for the entire block – no the entire city – could hear. I want to throw my clothes on the floor and refuse to pick them up. I want to demand that ALL my wishes be granted in a moment’s notice. Then, I want to be held like a baby when I refuse to go to the sleep at my scheduled bedtime.

I am not sure if this switch would change my children’s current behaviors. But it sure will make me feel good to watch them become frustrated at my refusal to follow their directions.


One thought on “My Wish

  1. Hey, why not refuse to follow their “directions” now?! That can be done without any magical or super powers 🙂 PS – I loved the line about your kids’ hair turning grey quicker than water can get hot in the microwave. Good one!!!

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