Mixed Feelings

The day has finally come for me to say Good-bye. I have knots in my stomach because I have mixed feelings about this challenge ending. Let me take a step back and analyze those feelings:


I was challenged to write whatever I wanted and people were able to leave a comment if they liked or disliked my writing. I also had the opportunity to learn about other people and enjoy their writing.


Familiar and unfamiliar writers will read my thoughts and comment on them. My thoughts (slices) may even be shared with other people who are not participating in the challenging. Yikes!!


I fear that my writing may not be clear to my reader. I also fear that people may not want to read my slices.


When I hear the ding from my computer that alerts me that I have a new message, I feel delighted. Someone has decided to read and like my slice for the day.


I felt crushed for two days when I missed slicing. My weekend events sometimes consumed all of my time and I was not able to slice.


The need to read different slices everyday inspired me to write everyday. I received many great ideas for my slices after reading other slices. I also became inspired to write when other’s thoughts (slices) were similar to my mine.

These mixed feelings have caused me to want to challenge myself again. The next challenge will be to write for a full 31 days. It will truly be a challenge. 🙂


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