“Time heals all wounds.”

“Over time you will forget and move on.”

These are two sayings I heard growing up as a teen and young adult. They were often said by a man who is very dear to me. Once I was allowed to date and had my heart-broken, he would sit beside me on the couch and offer these words of encouragement.

I used to think that those words were true.

Until…The man who spoke them to me was no longer around to say them to me.

Until…I could no longer feel his arm around me.

Until…I could no longer smell the Marlboro cigarette smoke coming off his fingers.

Until…I saw him laying in a casket.

Until…I found out that I could not visit his final resting place because his wife refused to tell his children where he is resting.

Until…I realized he was truly gone from this place we call earth and I could no longer feel his arm around my shoulders.

“Time heals all wounds.” Does it really?

“Over time you will forget and move on.” Do you really forget?

Time does not heal all wounds. His passing still hurts as much as the day I received the call from my mom. I could never forget HIM, let alone move on.


8 thoughts on “TIME

  1. So much emotion packed into this piece…powerful, thoughtful, and such a tribute to your dad. He may not be here physically with you anymore, but he is always with you in your heart…<3

  2. Literally crying as I read this Slice. I have heard all those as well, but I think that anyone who has lost someone so important to them knows that it just isn’t true. Finding peace is difficult, but knowing that our loved ones are constantly here with us…helping us…watching over us…gives some.

  3. How can I even type my response as I try to hold back the tears? Such a loving piece written to honor a man who truly impacted your life!! I hear your voice in every line. I see your dad in every line. Don’t know how you did it, but, you wrote a loving memorial for him!!

  4. As I reread this post for the third or fourth time today, I am reminded of a previous post of mine from two years ago about my aunt. It has been 14 years and time still has not healed the wound. Time makes things a little easier and knowing that they are still with us helps, especially when there are signs from above – maybe a spider or two!

  5. Oh Colandra, I could feel your frustration ripping through this piece. Your sadness and sorrow echo loudly. In was interesting how you began the piece so positively only to negate that time heals. Good slice. Hopefully writing about it helps heal.

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