“Mom, mom I want…”

…Leapfrog (broken)

…Vtech (broken)

…iPod (lost)

…Kindle Fire (shipped to Amazon for repair – hopefully)

…26 in. flat screen TV (broken)

…iPad (screen cracked)

…Laptop (lost power cord)

…Chromebook (damaged motherboard and keypad from a spill)

…iPhone 6 (under warranty -still working for now)

From the list above, one would think I lived in a house of rough, tough, I don’t care bunch of boys. NOPE! Not even close. The only male in the house is dad. The remaining occupants are females who are horrendous when it comes to electronics.

I pledge to never, ever buy another piece of electronics for my “rough, tough, hard on things that are expensive in cost and repairs” girls.

Someone please help me keep my pledge. My girls truly have me wrapped around their fingers.



5 thoughts on “Electronics

  1. I believe that those girls learned their rough and tumble ways from their mom. I pledge not to tell them how you broke your iPad the last time by dropping it in the hallway.

  2. Hahha.. oh my God. I have one boy and a cemetery stocked of deceased electronics in a bin, waiting to be resurrected (because I somehow think they may magically be someday? Um. Hoarder?) Your list struck a cord with me. Hilarious.

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