My Issues

While at dinner tonight, I was completely turned off by the older gentlemen who used his handkerchief several times to clear his nostrils. Many may ignore this disturbing act – not me. As my husband watched my face turn from a smile to a frown, he gladly informed me that I had issues. Of course, I was not happy with his comment but I let it sink into my psyche and then I began to evaluate what he said and my other issues.

I have many issues and I do mean many. My friends would gladly share with the world my issues as they have some of the same issues as me. Here are a few of my issues or as some like to term them as pet peeves:

* Someone picking their nose while driving. This person may eventually sale the car and the new owner’s hands will be wrapped around the sticky mess of the steering wheel.
* Man who do not hold the door open for women. This truly drives me crazy. What is wrong with men like that? Did they miss the lesson on gentlemen etiquette?
* Friends who call and really have nothing to say. “What are you doing? How are the girls?” You answer those questions and then there is a long silence. Ain’t nobody got time to hold the phone.
* People who are close talkers. They are so close, it appears we are kissing. Yuck!!
* People who do not speak/greet you when you have greeted them. I have a pretty LOUD voice. It bothers me when someone acts as if they did not hear me speak to them. A simple “Hello” is sufficient.
* Women who walk out of the stall and do not WASH their hands. (No other explanation is needed outside of they are just gross.)

My list of issues can continue on forever.

My friends (including my personal as well as work friends) like to think I am special. I know exactly what they mean when they say I am special. I know they truly appreciate my honesty about my feelings and thoughts. Now I just need to work on my facial expressions when I see my issues unfold right in front of me. I am a work in progress – just don’t let me see you doing some of the above issues.


9 thoughts on “My Issues

  1. My husband is fully prepared to get his own table, aisle in the movie theater, separate cart at the store, anything to avoid my reaction to people with issues. πŸ™‚

  2. Don’t you worry. We all have our issues that other people find ridiculous and insane. I am quite of a neat freak. I would like everything to be in order as much as possible. Chairs aligned. Shoes kept together. Those were just a few. My friends just laugh at some of these pet peeves of mine. Live and let live. πŸ˜‰

  3. You are special!! I could relate to all the things you were saying. I always clean the steering wheel of a rental car when I get one for that same reason. After washing my hands I use the paper towel to open the door in case the person before me decided there was no need to wash their hands.

  4. I couldn’t agree more with those pet peeves. The nose picking…my version is nose pick during writers workshop and wrapping their fingers around the community pencils.

  5. I love this. It appears we have some of the same issues. Especially the one when you greet people and you don’t get a response back. I believe it is because we are both July babies, or let’s just pretend that’s why. πŸ™‚

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