War! Fight!

The South is at war with each other. The Left Side cannot get along with the Right Side. So instead of meeting and compromising, each side decided it was time to go to war. The war has been going on for days. One brave cell decided to call in reinforcement from the North. The North agreed to help. It trained and trained. It head South but got stuck in the middle. The North became angry and headed back home for a game plan. They decided to call in their reinforcement from the outside. Two groups agreed to help – one small, one large. The North decided it was a job for the Big Guns.  The Big Guns secretly entered through the hole at the tip of the South and silently spilled its killing agent all over the it. The South soon became quiet again. 

The past few days I have been battling the flu and a major headache. My stomach (the South) has been at war with itself. One minute the right side is up in arms and raging hell and then the left side decided to show its strength. Whew!! My head (the North) realized there was a war down below and decided to use my skull as target practice. Piercing pain raged through my head as the South was at war with itself. After target practicing, the North decided to head south but was stopped by a sore throat. It head back North for target practicing and a better game plan. The North thought about its options: a pill which will take forever to attack or a liquid which could drown the South and offer some much needed rest. So  I had to call in my trusted friend ThermaFlu to help me get through the day. Let’s see what tomorrow brings. 


3 thoughts on “WAR!!!

  1. Agreed… ceasefire, ceasefire!!!! As I began reading I thought the north and south were possibly the girls not getting along…I’m sorry to hear it’s your own body at war…feel better soon!!

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