Katie: “What’s going on?”

Me: “Nothing. I’m working on my slice.”

Katie: “Oh, what is it?

Me: “Nothing. I don’t have one.”

She laughed and walked out the door. I looked out the window for inspiration.

I noticed many people: old, young, tall, short, thin, thick, dark hair, light hair, wheelchair-bound walking/rolling by single-filed, alone. I saw them come and I saw them go. They entered my school sticker-less and exited sticker-proud. They chatted about their candidates and then went about their day.

I remembered I was in their shoes several hours earlier – casting my vote. We were alike yet different. They came alone. I had my young daughters in tow as I casted my vote. I am teaching them early that they will exercise their right to vote. It will become one of their civic duty.

They watched with excitement as I casted my vote. I read aloud (more like a whisper) the candidates.  The names were familiar to them. They knew about the candidates and were able to express their views (my views) about them. They understood it was my opinion, my view, my choice, my reason for choosing the best candidate to speak/work for me and that information will remain with me unless I choose to share.

The ballot officials commented on how “Great” it was to bring them out to vote. “I would not have it any other way,” I said with a smile in a voice and a twitch in my hips.

I want my girls to look at ME as a role model on how to be a productive citizen in society. I want them to model after me about exercising all their rights in a respectful and dignified way. I want them to fight for their rights and not to allow others to take them away. More importantly, I want them to understand that their voice matters, their VOTE matters. VOTE!!!! It is the right thing to do.


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