No Inspiration – Yet

I’m back!!

It feels like the first time all over again – this writing thing.

I took just a small break. Now I have to find some inspiration.

Let me recap what I did while I was away from my computer for the past four days.

I was in a wedding this past weekend but nothing really exciting happened other than the bride and groom said “I do.”

I almost missed my flight to witness this beautiful celebration of love. TSA had a line that was nearly out the door. The workers were moving as fast as they possibly could. I have no inspiration to come from that minor hiccup.

The airport lost my luggage. I really do not feel like ranting again – plus my choice words would not be appropriate. I truly would NOT “speak with good purpose.”

It was a beautiful outdoor wedding. The weather was not in our favor for an outdoor by the water wedding. I was not properly dressed and my wonderful husband kept the chill off of me.

Every seat on the return flight was filled. This caused me to have an anxiety attack on the plane before take off but after they closed the doors. Deep breaths. Look out the window. Turn on fan to get air. Deep breaths. Look out the window. Deep breaths. Stewardess asked if I was ok. Deep breaths. Look out the window. Husband began fanning me. More deep breaths. Calming down. Slow deep breaths. Breathing returns to normal. Flight begins to take off. Slow breaths. Close eyes. Go to sleep. I’m better now. No inspiration to relive that ordeal.

Husband and I retrieved luggage – thankful that it was not lost AGAIN. Retrieve children from Aunt’s house. Go gorcery shopping. Prepare for the week. Walk out the door to head to the hospital to visit my mom.

I’m at the hospital and I still do not have any inspiration to write. But I AM BACK!!!


7 thoughts on “No Inspiration – Yet

  1. Sounds like you have lots to write about once you get a few minutes peace….whenever that happens. Hope things aren’t too serious for your mom. Being back is what’s important.

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