Live, Laugh, Love

Now that I am a mother, I know for certain I look at things differently, especially children. I often look at my girls and notice the similarities and differences within them. I look for mannerisms that I feel would help them become successful women in society.  I will continue to fine-tune these qualities. I look for traits that would cause the most patient man to leave them. I hope to break those habits.  More importantly, I look at them with the deepest love that only a mother would understand/give. 

In my 20 years in education, I have seen and heard many things. I want to protect my girls from this world we call reality. I do not want them to know hunger, loneliness, poverty, or racism. I want them to know that this world has many individuals who care about the person they are, the person I have helped mold to become successful, productive, full of empathy for mankind. I want them to know they can accomplish any dream, that the sky should not be their limit. I want them to have the same passion I have for helping others and yearning to learn more because reading is the one of the keys for a better life. I want them to have my problem-solving skills so they know how to overcome any obstacles thrown at them. They will learn there will be many, unfortunately. 

There are many things, I want for my girls. I will continue to instill in them the same values that my parents instilled in me to make me the person I am. More importantly, I want my girls just be to be kids for as long as they possible can. I want my girls to live the fullest life possible, laugh often especially with each other, and to love unconditionally. 

Live, Laugh, Love – these are my wants and needs for my girls. 


2 thoughts on “Live, Laugh, Love

  1. What a beautiful sentiment about your precious girls. May there be someone out there (many, MANY years from now) that will love each one as much as you do! I was very touched by the motherly side of you. 🙂

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