What’s the Fuss?

The last week of February, emails went back and forth about the March challenge. The principal sent subtle messages in her weekly bulletin about joining and attending an upcoming meeting. Then the literacy coaches held a meeting and served FOOD to encourage teachers to join the challenge. 

As February quickly slipped away from 2017, I realized that March 1st was here. I knew it was March 1st because my mailbox  (emails) started dinging at 12:01 eastern standard time. I tried to resist the urge to check my email but the sound was tempting. I slowly grabbed my phone and sure enough the overachievers had posted their SLICE to the March challenge. HUNGRY for knowledge and anxious to learn about my fellow slicers, I began thinking about what I would SLICE. 

Then I thought – what is the the fuss about writing for 31 days. For 31 days, a SLICE of my life would be shared with people – some I do not even know. For 31 days, I would allow myself to write about things that have left a permanent mark in my mind, in my heart. For 31 days, I get to try some writing craft. For 31 days, I will learn about my colleagues and be inspired to write for 31 days with them. 

So I guess the fuss is I am stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new things, new craft. The fuss is my mailbox will be filled with teachers, administrators stepping out of their comfort zones and sending ME a piece of their life for 31 days. The fuss is March is here and I am writing for 31 days for a challenge called A Slice of Life. 


10 thoughts on “What’s the Fuss?

  1. The FUSS is about you sharing your wonderful writing with the blogging world! I too have wondered about the fuss, but the writing just keeps calling….can’t wait to read more!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I am also trying this out for the first time. Definitely a step out of the comfort zone – and no one even offered me FOOD to do it! πŸ™‚

  3. I’m really excited about all of this! I mean honestly, I may or may not be in this challenge just to read everyone else’s slices….and I’m totally outside my comfort zone here. For the fact that I’m outgoing and loud, I really don’t like sharing my personal life, let alone writing, eeeeek!

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