POP! (A Little Silly Humor)

Moments and memories of my day are so vast that I am having a difficult time grabbing just one of them. As these ideas swirl through my head, I try to grasp one. I have luck but I don’t like the idea so I throw it back into the mix. I try again to grab another one. Once again I grasped another idea. I was hoping it was a good one. NOPE! It was the same idea as the previous one. I try my luck again. Once again I grabbed the same idea. So here it goes:

The email stated to remember to attend the Friday night event at X’s school. Afterwards the volunteers will meet to enjoy in adult conversations as well as adult beverages. Well, I thought I read the words adult beverages. What I really read was the word POP!

It does not take much for me to give up a Friday night to spend with kids because I spend my Friday nights with my own kids. So a break from home, the girls and the boy (husband) is welcome treat to me. Of course adding in a little extra something for me to give up my Friday night is also a welcome treat to me. But this idea to give up my Friday night for a POP, I am not sure if I want to do that.

I love this person like a sister but this idea of rewarding me with a can of POP has not been a easy pill to swallow.  I hope once SHE reads this slice, that has been on my mind all day, she will change her mind and consider an adult beverage for me for my time. 

(This is just a little silly humor needed for my exhausting day.)


3 thoughts on “POP! (A Little Silly Humor)

  1. I laughed out loud as I read this- humor is a great way to convey a story and I love how you sprinkle that in (with a touch of sarcasm) throughout this slice!

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