Monday Blues

Life as a sibling is never easy. There is always someone with their empty hand stretched out ready to receive your goods. There is always one who never does anything wrong but wonders why she has so many issues with people. There is the one who is not officially diagnosed as mentally out there, somewhere in LaLa Land, but needs the diagnosis to receive the proper medication. There is the one who was given a gift and keeps crying about it. Then there’s me who has to keep them all together. These sisters of mine give me Monday Blues. 

Life as a administrator is never easy. You have to deal with students whose parents play around with their mediactions which causes them to act out. You have to deal with uncustodial parents not returning the child to the custodial parent after their assigned visit. You may have to deal with the media coming to your school if the parent fails to return the child. You have to deal with parents wishing to home school their child and want the school to provide the curriculum because they do not have time to do their research. You have to deal with divorced parents  who blame each other when their child is in crisis. Then you have to deal with situations that make you sick to you stomach and not show any emotions when you have to deal with these situations. That’s a hard task for an adminsitrator who is truly caring and wants the best for everyone. Teaching/leading gives me Monday Blues.

Life as mom is never easy. You come home to clothes placed outside of the hamper. You come home to dinner not ready but dad needs an idea to get started after his show goes off which started at 7pm. You come to an hour and half of math homework because there is a test on Wednesday and she needs to complete the study guide. You come to the question about sex education because the teacher sent home a notice explaining the students will study this in the coming weeks. You come home to permission slips to sign and no cash to place in the envelope because you never carry cash. You come home to the second child complaining about an earache and not wanting to complete her math homework. She said she needs to rest a bit. After all the fires are put out, you come home to an unmade bed because you were rushing to get your sister to her oncologist appointment and did not have time to place the covers in the position that would invite you to bed to sleep peacefully. Parenting gives me Monday Blues.

Life for me has not been easy today. I call it my Monday Blues. 


4 thoughts on “Monday Blues

  1. You certainly had a Blue Monday. But, knowing you, you will pick your chin up and go right back at it tomorrow. I hope tomorrow is a better day.

  2. Your slice pulls me through your day, with its frustrations and disappointments. In the end, all you want is rest- no matter if the bed is made or unmade. Being a working mom is not easy. Hoping that tomorrow is sunshiny yellow.

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