Cleaning House

The email came this weekend. It notified me to clean out my closet. To donate clean, gently used items. The email forced me to tackle each closet and to fill bags to the max. I considered the email to be my therapy session for the week. I do not need a person with the initials MD after their name and a long couch to help me distress. I just needed the email. I knew it was coming. It comes in March every year. It never fails me. 

The email came early Saturday morning. It was the first email in my inbox. I immediately started my house cleaning. I don’t mean with a mop or broom. I mean throwing things away. In this case I will donate all the items. The family was not happy. My philosophy is “If you have not worn it in the last month, it goes in the bag. If it is too small, it goes in the bag. If I don’t like it anymore, it goes in the bag.” 

I feel so relaxed. I cleaned and cleaned. I am going to make someone happy. Better yet, I am going to make myself happier. Once I donate all these bags of clothing to Carson’s Goodwill Sale this week, I am going to be in heaven. Yep! The email I received was the notice that Carson’s Goodwill Sale starts on Wednesday. I can’t even control myself. They are going to be so happy to see Blue Ivory (the name of my car) pull up. I will need to make several trip from the trunk to the door. I will make sure I have on my Fibit. I am sure to get in a few hundred steps. 

Sometimes the smallest things make me happy. Thank you, Carson. I plan to spend all day Saturday with you.